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Maitreya on Github (Jul 30 2015)

Source code and download packages moved to Github.

Software releases will now be served by Maitreya7 Repo. (current stable and development) resp. Maitreya6 Repo. for legacy release.

Source code is available on that page, too.

Unstable Release 7.1.1 (Jul 28 2015)

This is an update of unstable 7.1 version. Focus is on OS X update. The software should run now on all Yosemite computers.

Unstable Release 7.1 (Dec 26 2014)

This is another service release for the new wxWidgets 3.0 GUI framework. No new astrological features.

The release contains now packages for Windows and OS x.

Known Issues

Service Release 7.0.7 (Aug 04 2014)

This is another service release with wxWidgets 3.0 support. Only source code, no packages for Windows etc.

Bug Fixes

Known Bugs

Service Release 7.0.6 (Jun 21 2014)

This is a service release with support for wxWidgets 3.0.0. It is used for wx migration purposes only.

Packages for Windows, OSx and Linux are not provided with this release.

Service Release 7.0.5 (Dec 28 2013)

Bug Fix: display of aspects in western chart graphic.

Service Release 7.0.4 (Dec 2nd 2013)

Changes Bug Fixes are

Single Page HTML of this website available (Feb 23 2013)

Several users requested a single page output of this website that can be read offline.

The page is now available in a new Extras section at the bottom of the main menu bar, see Single Page HTML.

This page contains the full documentation and the articles section (basic and advanced topics).

Service Release 7.0.3 (Feb 02 2013)

Bug Fixes are

Service Release 7.0.2 (Sep 09 2012)

Changes Bug Fixes are

Service Release 7.0.1 (Jul 14 2012)

Thanks for 7.0 feedback. The following bugs could be fixed The documentation is updated. New pages are

Version 7 Available (Jun 28 2012)

Highlights of this release are Details are listed on the Release Notes page.

Feedback is welcome.

Service Releases 6.0.5 and 6.1dev2 (Jun 28 2011)

The following bugs of stable and unstable releases have been fixed:

Update: Known Bugs of Releases 6.0.4 and 6.1dev1 (Jun 25 2011)

New Version Supporting MacOS (Jun 12 2011)

This is a test version of 6.0 with additional support for Max OS X. Several changes had to be made on the 6.0 release, so this is a new release called 6.1.

Mac users are encouraged to test the program and give their feedback.

Known bugs are

Service Release 6.0.4 (Apr 27 2011)

Changes are

Service Release 6.0.3 (Feb 27 2011)

Changes are

Service Release 6.0.2 (Jan 17 2011)

This release contains bugfixes and additions.

Changes are

Service Release 6.0.1 (Nov 26 2010)

Bug fixes

Stable Release 6.0 (Oct 19 2010)