Maitreya is an Open Source platform for Vedic and western astrology. Supported platforms are Windows, Max OS X, Linux and UNIX. Mobile platforms like Android or iOS are not supported.

The software is licensed under the GNU Public License and is free for private and commercial use. Details about the license can be found on the Maitreya's License page.

West meets East

Western and Vedic astrology seem to be two different topics. And so most astrology programs support exactly one of them.

Maitreya supports both. And in deed, both branches of astrology are essentially two different views of the same thing.

About the Name

Maitreya is the disciple of Maharishi Parasara, the author of Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, the most prominent scripture of classic Vedic astrology.

In this scripture the sage instructs his disciple on many topics of Vedic astrology.

Features of the Software

The program supports many features of Vedic and western astrology. Examples

You can visit the Screenshots page if you prefer a visual impression.

Getting and Installing the Software

Software releases can be downloaded from the internet. You will find the links on the Download page. This page contains hints for installation that may be sufficient for most users.

The Installation page contains a deeper description of compilation and installation on various platforms.

Using the Software for the first time

Read the Getting Started Guide guide before using it for the first time.