Part 1: Views based upon a Single Horoscope

Section Subsection Contents
General Views General Views/Basic Horoscope View Basic list of objects (planets etc.) and their astrological properties
General Views/Text View Various text representations for Vedic and western astrologers
General Views/Transit View Transits, directions and several arc methods
General Views/Solar View Chart of yearly Solar return
Vedic Views Vedic Views/Vedic Chart View Graphical charts in Vedic mode
Vedic Views/Varga View Summary of Varga charts and their strength evaluation
Vedic Views/Sarvatobhadra View Sarvatobhadra Chakra (Sbc)
Vedic Views/Dasa Views Dasas (periods) in various types
Vedic Views/Yoga View Combinations of planets in Vedic Chart
Vedic Views/Ashtakavarga View Strength according to chapter 66 ff. of Parasara Hora Shastra
Vedic Views/Shadbala View Another source of strength according to Parasara
Western Views Western Views/Western Chart View Circular display in western mode
Western Views/Uranian View Display relations of objects according to Uranian astrology

Part 2: Other Views and Dialogs

Section Subsection Contents
Other Astrological Views Other Astrological Views/Partner View Vedic and western views for combination of two charts
Other Astrological Views/Ephemeris View Information about the monthly ephemeris
Other Astrological Views/Eclipse View Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Other Astrological Views/Hora View Lord of the hour according to Vedic astrology
Dialogs Dialogs/Data Dialog Enter personal birth data, location and time zone
Dialogs/Atlas Dialog Directory of worldwide locations and their coordinates