History of the Program

Version 1

srceenshot srceenshot The development of Maitreya started in the midst of the nineties. The program was divided into two parts. One part calculated western charts and midpoints, the other calculated Vedic charts, Vargas and Dasas. Programming language was Turbo Pascal. This version was later ported to C++.

The screenshots below show the two programs (about 1996).

Version 2

srceenshot Next version started in 1998 and was a port to Linux and the Qt framework. This version integrated western and Vedic features for the first time.

This version used the Swiss Ephemeris for calculation and had several features of the later public release, e.g. the tree based Dasa view, Vargas, the text view, Ephemeris and Hora.

Version 2 was rewritten in November 2003. This version was based on wxWidgets and was the fundament of the first public release.

Version 3

srceenshot Release 3.0 was the first public version, released in April 2004. Focus was on public usability.

Release 3.1 (August 2004): new columns in Vedic main window, location dialog, Vedic partner chart (Ashtakoota).

Release 3.2 (December 2004): Sarvatobhadra view, eclipses, conditional Dasas, improved configuration.

Version 4

Release 4.0 (May 2009): graphical Dasa, Solar chart, improved Ephemeris and PDF printout.

Release 4.1 (August 2006): several small improvements and bug fixes.

Release 4.2 (April 2007): new astrological objects, styles in western chart.

Version 5

Release 5.0 appeared in March 2008. Features: Yoga view, Ashtakavarga view, Varga overview with Vimsopaka strength.

Version 6

Appeared in October 2010. Features: improved transit view, Yoga editor, Arabic parts, many new options.

Version 7

Appeared in June 2012. Features: New location database, improved chart graphics, dynamic daylight saving change.

Version 8

Alpha version appeared end of 2016. Features: Shadbala, classic texts for Dasas, responsive views (charts, graphical Dasas), more properties of objects, improvements in Uranian astrology.