Data Dialog

Atlas Dialog

The built-in atlas is a database for a huge amount of wordlwide location data.

This page describes the user interface of the Atlas Dialog.


The filter is ASCII case insensitive, i.e. uppercase and lowercase ASCII characters match. Special characters are case sensitive, e.g. German ü and Ü are distinct regarding filter matching.

Supported filter wildcards are

There is always an implicit "*" wildcard at the end of the filter string.

Country List

The database stores about 250 countries. So the country list in the Atlas Dialog has a selection of favourite countries.

The favourite country list can be configured in the General Configuration/Atlas dialog.

Location Name Types

Atlas entries have 3 different types of names that can be configured in the choice box on the top right of the dialog

Managing Locations

Atlas entries can be edited Notes

  1. The countries in the "Edit" and "New" dialog are always filtered according to the configuration
  2. Admin codes and time zone choice depend on the selected country

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