The configuration dialog is the central interface to control the bahaviour of the application.

It can be opened with the following shortcuts

Available Tabs

The following table summarizes the subpages and provides the links to the detailed descriptions.

Node Subnode Contents
General Configuration General Configuration Standard style (Vedic/western), standard location.
General Configuration/Ephemeris Fine grained configuration of calculation options.
General Configuration/Multiple Views Enable multiple views and choose their style
General Configuration/Atlas Selection of database, import of data, manage favourite countries.
General Configuration/Printout Standard printout, options for PDF creation and PDF viewer.
General Configuration/Animation Frequency, step length and interval for animated charts.
User Interface Configuration User Interface Configuration/Sheets and Tables Manage styles of sheets and tables.
User Interface Configuration/Planets and Signs Visual presentation of astrological objects and zodiacal signs.
User Interface Configuration/Fonts Fonts used for text views, charts and printout.
User Interface Configuration/Colors Global color configuration.
User Interface Configuration/Toolbar Buttons in the main toolbar and their order.
Configuration: Vedic Astrology Configuration: Vedic Astrology/Objects and Properties Objects used in Vedic astrology; options for main view
Configuration: Vedic Astrology/Vedic Chart Styles of Vedic charts.
Configuration: Vedic Astrology/Vedic Calculation Calculation options for Vedic astrology.
Configuration: Western Astrology Configuration: Western Astrology/Objects and Properties Objects used in western astrology, options for main view.
Configuration: Western Astrology/Western Chart Styles of western charts.
Configuration: Western Astrology/Western Calculation Calculation options for western astrology.
Configuration: Western Astrology/Aspects Display of aspects and theirs orbes in western chart and text views.
General Configuration/Miscellaneous Several global options