The 1 Year = 1 Day Rule

Calculation based upon configured year length, see Configuration: Western Astrology/Western Calculation.

Rolle der Planeten - Sonne - MC - Mond

Transits etc.

TODO finde den Begriff. Transit, Progression und Arc Methods Dynamical oder alles unter transit.

Name Rule Average Speed
Solar Arc Sunp; - Sunr 1 deg/year
Lunar Arc Moonp; - Moonr 1 deg/month
Meridian Arc MCp; - MCr 1 deg/day
Bögen der einzelnen Elemente zeitlicher Einfluss (Stunde/Tag/Monat/Jahr usw.) Kardinalpunkte drehen sich mit

Overview of Transit Modes

Type Signification
Transits Running planets at transit date
Directions Key is "1 year = 1 day". The difference of transit date and birth date must be divided by the year length. So directions are the transit dates at that specific date.
Solar Arc This is a shifted mode. Solar position must be calculated for directions ( 1 year = 1 day). difference of progressive Sun and and Sun at birth time will be the reference arc. All objects are shifted by this arc.
Reverse Solar Arc Same as Solar Arc, but in reverse order.
Shifted Gravitation Point
Shifted Meridian
Lunar Arc
Constant Arc