Vedhas establish relationships between Nakshatras resp. points of the zodiac.

Vedhas can be compared with aspects. There are different types of aspects in classical Vedic Astrology: aspects between Rasis (like Graha and Rasi Drishti) and aspects between points of the zodiac (like Sputa Drishti).

Vedhas of Nakshatras

Each Nakshatra has three Vedhas. Forward direction means movement in the sense of a planet in direct motion. Backward direction is the movement of a retrograde planet, the opposite corresponds to a stationary planet.


Vedhas of Individual Points in the Zodiac

Vedhas of Nakshatras are only one way of interpretation. The argument of Vedhas can also be applied to individual points of the zodiac.

Each individual point of the zodiac has three Vedas. The vedha point is reached if we make a proportional consideration (rule of three) regarding the longitude of a planet. E.g. The second degree of Aswini has its opposite point in the second degree of Purvaphalguni (counted from the end): 24 Leo.

Regions of the zodiac can be calulated in a simplar manner, i.e. by taking the start and end point of the region.