Kalachakra Dasa

Kalachakra (wheel of fortune) is one of the most important Dasas of Vedic Astrology. It is very powerful although difficult to handle.


Nakshatra Dasas (Vimsottari, Yogini) prove to be very powerful. But there is another aspect in Vedic astrology that has big influence: the Navamsa. Navamsa chart closes the gap between Rasi and Nakshatra chart because Navamsa is the same as the Nakshatra Padas. The magical number 108 connects Rasi and Nakshatra charts.

Kalachakra is (like Vimsottari and Yogini) a Nakshatra based Dasa that depends on the position of the Moon in her Nakshatra. But Kalachakra is the only Navamsa based Nakshatra dasa.


Kalachakra Dasa is extensively described in Maharishi Parasara's Hora Shastra and in Vaidhyanatha Dikshita's Jataka Parijata. The former tells us that he appreciates Kalachakra as even supreme to Vimsottari Dasa.

An important contemporary book on this subject is Sumeet Chugh's Yogini and Kalachakra Dasa.


Avalailable subsections are
Section Contents
Basics Basic facts about this Dasa.
Motion of the Chakra Explains how this Dasa moves through the zodiac.
The Four Chakras Describes the fundamental chakras of Aswini, Bharani, Rohini and Mrigasira.
Explaining the Chakras Tries to explain the underlying ideas of the chakras.
Balance at Birth Time How to calculate the Dasa balance for a given nativity.
Antardasas How to determine the Antardasas for a given nativity.
Cycles of the Chakra Explains the movement of the chakra on Nakshatra and Savya/Apsavya changes.
Gatis (Jumps) Explains the irregular movements like Manduka Gati, etc.
Appendix: Chakras Gives a tabular summary of all available chakras.