Maitreya is a mature Open Source platform for Vedic and western astrology. It is licensed under the GNU Public License and so free for private and commercial use.

All major desktop platforms are supported: Windows, Max OS X, Linux and UNIX.

The software is designed to be easy to use. Beginners may read the Getting Started Guide before using it for the first time.


First goal is to serve as tool. The software has a lot of standard features for the daily work of western and Vedic astrologers. So it can save their time and energy; they can concentrate on the work of interpretation.

Second goal is to enable astrologers for research. The program supports a lot of calculation options, so it can be used as a basis for research on the various questions of astrological calculation and interpretation.

Third goal is to attract people and motivate them to learn astrology. Learning astrology is a complicated task because formal knowledge of planets, signs, Dasas etc. is not sufficient, but intuition and non-attachment to worldly affairs must be developed, too. So a "cool" astrology software may help in increasing the desire for that kind of knowledge.

In classical Indian scriptures Maitreya is the ardent disciple of Maharishi Parasara, the author of Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, the most prominent scripture of Vedic astrology. In this scripture the sage instructs his disciple on the various topics of Vedic astrology.

Astrology cannot be learned from books. Astrological software can only be a tool for the astrologer's work. So the name of the software emphasizes the importance of divine inspiration on top of formal knowlegde or astrological techniques.