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Yogas are combinations of astrological objects, the name is frequently used in Vedic astrology. There are simple Yogas (e.g. position of Ascendant in a sign) and quite complex ones dealing with many objects and restrictive conditions.

Special Types of Yogas

Some hints for interpreting Yogas:

Nabahasa Yogas are quite important. Each chart has a ruling Nabhasa Yoga determining the conditions of the person's life. The ruling Yoga is always the most complex one (if more than one Yoga matches).

Example: someone has all planets in houses 7, 8, 9 and 10, Sakti Yoga (all planets in 4 continous houses from th 7th) matches as well as Kedara (all planets in 4 signs). The ruling Yoga is Sakti.

Lunar Yogas: the Moon is the most important ruler of the mind. So Lunar Yogas give the hint for general mental disposition of the person.

Mixed results mostly show their effect during the corresponding Dasas. So Yogas have a static view on the person's life; Dasas can tell us the time of the events.

Yoga View

Attributes of Yogas are

Varga Choice: determines which Varga chart to use for evaluation of the matching condition. Effects apply to that chart (e.g. Saptamamsa to children).

Nakshatra based Yogas can only match in Rasi chart.

Yoga Editor

This tool can be used for manual editing of Yoga conditions and interpretations.