Western Views

These views are used in western astrology.

Western Chart View

The western chart shows a circular graphical representation.


Colors and fonts can be changed in the configuration dialog.

The style of the charts can be changed

Several options are available.

Uranian View

This section describes the fundaments of Uranian (or midpoint) astrology.

Uranian analysis can be used in western and Vedic astrology.

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Supported Modes of Uranian Astrology

There are 2 different schools of Uranian astrology: Ebertin and Witte. Both are supported.

The Ebertin system works with the 10 standard bodies (Sun ... Pluto) plus Lunar (ascending) Node and Ascendant/Medium Coeli.

Witte's system uses additional astrological objects

The order of the objects differs from normal western astrology.

The correspoding objects and their order can be selected in the configuration dialog.

Types of Midpoint Calculation

2 types are supported


Default view showing the Midpoints of the radix chart. Items of the analysis are

Name Contents
List of Planets Shows the lengths of the planets according to several different circle definitions (360, 90, 45 etc). The number of columns depends on the defined circle.
Table Shows all the Midpoint regarding pairs of planets.
Conjunctions Show conjunctions between pairs of planets.
Midpoint Events Like (2) but relates to conjuntions between planets and Midpoints.
Diagram Shows all Midpoints that are related to the planets.

Display depends upon the orbis and the configured circle.

Yearly Preview

The yearly preview contains all midpoint events that will happen within a given year. Calculation is done according to Solar arc.