Partner View

The partner is used in Vedic and western astrology.

The view depends upon two charts. Select the desired charts from the partner choice boxes.

Double Chart

Shows the planets of both charts in graphical representation (Vedic or western).

Vedic Partner Chart

This tab contains the Asta Koota, a compatibility analysis of Vedic astrology.

More information can be found on the Asta Koota page.

Chart 1 is the groom, chart 2 is the bride.

Composite Chart

Midpoints of the planets of both charts.

Medridian is the midpoint, too. Ascendant of the composite calculated according to Meridian.


Planets of both charts in graphical SBC representation.


3 tabs with combined Varga charts.


Planets of chart 1 in midpoints of chart 2 and vice versa.