Configure Vedic Calculation


Basic Calculation


Choose your desired Ayanamsa from the choice box. Remarks on Ayanamsa can be found on the Ayanamsa page.

Configuration of custom Ayanamsa can be done in the Expert Tab.

Lunar Node

Configure whether you want the Mean or True Node for your charts.

House System

Here you can choose your favourite house system. See House Systems.

K.P. House Styles (Start at Cusp)

House positions will be reckoned from the cusp if you choose this option. Otherwise house positions will be calculated from the bhava madhya (middle of house, cusp being the center).


Whether the Arudha Padas shall be calculated according to Parasara or Raman. Parasara has exceptions for Arudha Lords in the houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 (counting 4 Rasis backwards in that case). Ramans rule is always regular.


Whether the Ashtakavarga will be calculated according to Parasara (BHPS) or Vahara Mihira.