Configure Vargas and Dasas


Right Side

Number of Nakshatras

Whether the number of Nakshatra shall be 27 or 28 (including Abhijit).

Nakshatra Dasas

This options controls the calculation of Nakshatra Dasas. There are 2 options
  1. Length - Nakshatra portion is calculated according to the length of the Moon.
  2. Entry time - Portion is calculated according to the time of entry into the Nakshatra and into next Nakshatra.
Remarks on dasa balance calculation can be found on the Nakshatra Dasas page.

Kalachakra Dasa

This option is described in the Dasa section of this documentation.

Year Length

Configuration of year length will influence the calculation of Dasa balances. You can choose a predefined year length (like 365) or define your own year length (caution: this can damage calculation results).