User Interface Configuration

Sheets and Tables



Planets and Signs


Presentation of Signs and Planets

These options affect text windows, graphical charts and printouts.



The Choose button will open a configuration dialog for the selected font. The panel under the button shows a sample text for the selected font.

Remark: restart of the application is recommended after font changes.



Tab General

Foreground Colors

Background Colors

Remark: restart of the application is recommended after color changes.

Tab Charts

This tab is self explaining. Click on the buttons to change the color of the correspoding object.

Display of colors can be activated/deactivated in the western chart tab resp. Vedic chart tab or the corresponding chart context menus.

Tab Bar Diagrams

This tab contains the configuration for graphical Dasa display.

The underlying Dasa can be selected in the left upper choice box. Dasas can be of Rasi (sign based) or Graha (planet) type.

Background images can only be used if the stipple background style is selected. Background images must be located in the pictures directory, see Directory Layout.



Available items can be selected and sorted with the arrow buttons between the list boxes.