Configure Print


Left side

Default Printout

One of the pre-configured printouts can be selected. The panel below shows a short description of the printout.

Options for Printout

Chart style - choose the desired chart style (graphical charts in Vedic/western mode) for printout.

Paper format - choose the desired paper format for the PDF output.

Ask on owerwrite - whether a dialog prompt will be shown before existing PDF files are overwritten.

Right Side

Footer in PDF Output

You can configure if a custom footer will be printed in the PDF output.

This option can be used to print additional information (like name of astrologer) in the PDF documents. The footer will be printed at the bottom of the first page.

You can use pre-defined variables to print additional information on the fly

Launching the Pdf Viewer

You can configure if you want to launch a Pdf viewer after creation of Pdf printouts. The startup of the viewer depends on your operating system.