Configure Atlas


Atlas Database File

The atlas data are stored in a SQLite 3 database. see the Atlas Database page.

The panel below the input field shows if the selected file is valid.

Atlas Import

The atlas database can be imported from a SQL file.

The default import file is located in the directory "atlas/geonames1000.sql". It contains an extract of the atlas DB (worldwide cities with more than 1000 inhabitants).

Supported import formats are

The import can be canceled while running. The database will quite likely be invalid then. Backups are stored according to the configuration in the General Configuration tab (no backup/single backup/infinite backups).

Country List

The atlas database stores about 250 worldwide countries. The country list in the Atlas Dialog has only a selection of favourite countries.

The button "change countries" opens a dialog for the configuration of favourite countries.

This feature works only if a valid database file is selected.