The 22 tabs of the configuration dialog are described on the pages listed below.

Table of Contents

Section Sub Section Remark
1. General General Configuration Default style (Vedic/western), language, several global options
Configure Default Location Used for new charts, ephemeris, Hora, planets in statusbar etc.
Configure Multiple Views Enable multiple views and choose their default type
Configure Atlas aka Location Database. Selection of database file, import, manage favourite countries
Configure Ephemeris Fine grained configuration of calculation options: custom Ayanamsa and sunrise; data file directory and low level calculation options
Configure Print Default printout, options for the PDF engine and PDF viewer
Configure Animation Frequency, step length and step width for animated charts
2. View Configure View Presentation of signs and planets
Configure Fonts Fonts used for text views and pictures
Configure Colors Global color configuration
Configure Object Colors Colors of planetary objects, signs and houses
Configure Dasa Colors Colors and styles for graphical Dasa display
Configure Aspect Display Colors and styles for aspect display
Configure Toolbar Configure toolbar buttons
3. Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology Configuration Astrological objects included in Vedic views and charts; columns in main view
Configure Vedic Chart Default styles of chart
Configure Vedic Calculation Ayanamsa, nodes, house system and Kala Vela options etc.
Configure Vargas and Dasas Temporary friends, options for Varga calculation; Nakshatra and Dasa options
4. Western Astrology Western Astrology Configuration Objects used in western astrology, options for main view.
Configure Western Chart Default styles of chart
Configure Western Calculation Ayanamsa, nodes and house system
Configure Aspect Calculation Astrological options for Aspects and Orbes