Introduction to Uranian Astrology

The 360 degree reduction rule

The Earth Horoscope

There is a deep analogy between This analogy has several consequences

Folgerungen d=y angles = Kardinalpunkte mc höchster, ic niedrigster punkt wie begründet witte den as?

Analogon erde zu sonnensystem wie mensch zu Erde

Earth Horoscope and its angles
Ableitung Quadrat und Opposition

TODO Beispielchart mit zwei aspekten P auf planeten


Opposition and square related to the angles


In the constellation we find that MC = Ve/Sa. This native will face obstacles in love life.


MC = Ve/Sa

Reflection Points


The reflection point R of a point p relative to a point q of the zodiac is given by the formula
R = q + q - p = 2q - p
This is an axis reflection relative to the point q. Reflection relative to the point q + 180 is identical.

Let the Sun be at 10 Sagittarius and find the reflection point relative to the Moon which is in 25 Capricorn.

We find that R = Moon + Moon - Sun = 295 + 295 - 250 = 340 = 10 Pisces


Reflection Point of Sun in 10 Sag relative to Moon in 25 Aq is 10 Pisces



The Antiscium is the reflection point relative to the Earth Meridian.

This means that the Antiscium Ant of a planet p is

Ant = Cancer + Cancer - p = 180 - p
Let Mercury be in 10 Taurus. The Antiscium is therefore 90 + 90 - 40 = 140 = 20 Leo.


Antiscium of Mercury in 10 Taurus is 20 Leo

Relation of Midpoints and Reflection Points

Midpoints of two points are the geometrical counterpart of reflection points.

There are always two midpoints for a pair of given points.

Let Sun be at 10 Sagitarius, Moon at 25 Capricorn and Mars at 10 Pisces.


Midpoint and Reflection points are counterparts


  1. Moon is the midpoint of Sun and Mars, i.e. Mo = Su/Ma
  2. The opposite point 25 Cancer is the second midpoint of Sun and Mars
  3. Mars is the reflection point of Sun relative to the Moon
  4. The Sun is the reflection point of Mars relative to the Moon
Or written as formula
  1. Mo + Mo = Su + Ma
  2. Mo + 180 + Mo + 180 = Su + Ma
  3. Ma = Mo + Mo - Su
  4. Su = Mo + Mo - Ma
The first line of the formula above can be writte different, but this is dangerous because there are always two midoint of a pair of points: the direct midpoint (i.e. the geometrical shortest) and its opposite.

Moo = ( Ma + Su ) / 2

Aspects and Gradkreis Calculus

Western astrology uses a lot of aspects that are motivated by division of the circle by integer numbers.


Aspect Divisor Degrees
Conjunction 1 0 = 360
Opposition 2 180
Trine 3 120
Square 4 90
Quintile, Biquintile 5 72 and 144
Semi/ Sesquiquarter 8 45 and 135
Sextile 6 60
Septile, Biseptile, Triseptile 7 360/7, 720/7, 1080/7
Semisextile 12 30
Uranian astrology uses only powers of the number two, i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8 etc. These aspects are motivated by the Earth Horoscope and related midpoints.

Aspect Divisor Formula
Conjunction 1 p = q
Opposition 2 p = q + Libra
Square 4 p = q +- Cancer
Semisquare/Sesquisquare 8 p = q / Cancer or p = q / Capricorn
Semiquarter in 15 Ta = Aries / Cancer is the midpoint of two angles of the Earth Horoscope

Higher aspects whose order is a power of 2 are midpoints of the angles of the Eartch Horoscope.


22:30 Capricorn is the midpoint of Cap/15 Aq.

Special Signification of Trines and Sextiles in Uranian Astrology

Trines and Sextiles are treated as minor aspects. But they get special importance if two of them are combined.

We get mutual midpoint relations
Two sextiles and their related mipoint matchings
Das heisst: es entsteht dadurch eni sensitiver Punkt, der ausgelöst werden kann.

geometrische Interpretation Symmetrien gleichsetzung der Bewegungen: Erde um die Sonne und Erde um sich selbst. Bedeutung von As und MC MC Midheaven As Begegnungen Uranier Welche Objekte werden betrachtet und deren Motivation Reihenfolge der Objekte