This chapter describes several fundamental aspects of astrology.

General Astrology

Section Contents
Astrological Objects Description of planets, Nodes and other bodies
House Systems House systems and their configuration
Calculation Chart calculation and ephemeris.
Ayanamsa Difference between tropical and siderial zodiac.

Basic Vedic Astrology

Section Description
Dignities of Planets Basic properties of planetary dignities in Vedic astrology
Vargas (Divisions) 16+ classical divisions of the zodiac
Hora Astrological fundaments of Hora
Nakshatras 27/28 constellations or Lunar mansions
Krishnamurti Paddhati Basics of KP astrology
Upagrahas and Kala Velas Support for Upagraha and Kala Vela calculations
Drishtis (Aspects) Graha and Sputa Drishti
Jaimini Astrology Support for Jaimini calculations

Various Topics of Astrology

Section Description
Nakshatra Dasas Vimsottari, Yogini and Conditional Dasas
Kalachakra Dasa Wheel of Fortune in Vedic astrology
Asta Koota Partner chart matching in Vedic astrology
Sarvatobhadra Nakshatra based technique from ancient times
Shad Bala Planetary strength according to Hora Shastra